Why should I learn French?

French is spoken by almost 300 million people in the world, in 29 different countries.

Because it may be good for your career

Being able to speak several different languages is always a sizeable asset in the labour market. France is one of the largest economic power and French is the 5th most spoken language in the world. Speaking French may help you find a job in any French company, in France or anywhere else in the world.

Because it will be easier to travel

France is the most visited country, and French is spoken in 29 different countries. If you want to visit France or one of the numerous French speaking countries, you will then be able to fully understand and enjoy the various cultural wealth of those different countries.

Because you like good books and literature…

Learning French will allow you to read great books from great authors in the original language: Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Guy de Maupassant, as well as more contemporary artists, according to your own tastes.

… and want to keep informed.

Keep informed, be open to the world,…