General courses

French from A to Z!

apprendre français communiquer [EN]Choose this option if you want to learn French in its entirety. The main goal is that you can speak and communicate, because that is what a language is about.

Use what you have learned!

The main goal here is that you can use what you have learned in everyday life and authentic situation. But we won’t put the horse before the cart: the lessons will follow a logical order according to the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) created by the Council of Europe, and that is used as a reference in Europe and even worldwide.




The CEFRL describes 6 levels of achievement for learners of a foreign language: from A1 (Breakthrough or Beginner level) to C2 (Mastery or Proficiency level). This guideline harmonizes the different tests and exams for all foreign languages so that it is easier to truly appreciate the acquired competences of the students in all Europe. Each level contains a list of skills and savoir-faire that characterizes it and that the students have to acquire. It therefore allows a proper and precise evaluation of each student.

The method

We will try to communicate as much a spossible, in near to real-life situation, from talking about oneself to argumenting on different topics, from going to the doctor to talking about one’s hobbies. And of course, we play roles or games!

And what about grammar?

You are crazy about grammar? Don’t worry, grammar is important when learning a new language and we will study grammar too. But grammar will never be an end in itself with La French Frog.